Slovak Film Institute Opens Modern Digitizing Centre


    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak Film Institute in partnership with the Minister of Culture Marek Maďarič has inaugurated a modern centre for digitization and digital restoration of films.

    Its construction is a part of the national project of audiovisual digitization, supported by the the European Union. This centre is equipped with the latest technology, and with the move to digital cinema it opens a new era in Slovak cinematography.

    The new digitizing centre is located in the basement of Cinema Lumière of the Slovak Film Institute. The Slovak Film Institute (SFI) is now ranked among the most modern European film archives.

    The national project of audiovisual digitization is the largest digitization project in the audiovisual department in Slovakia and it is established by Slovak Film Institute and public TV station RTVS. Its main purpose is to build two specialized digitizing centres and to digitize at least 58,700 audiovisual cultural objects.  

    The whole budget of this project is estimated nat 22.5 m EUR shared by SFI with 14 m EUR and and RTVS with 8.5 m EUR. The project will end on 30 June 2015 and measurable impact indicators will be monitored five years after the end of the project, through mid-2020.