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    Vrbovský veter by Miro Remo Vrbovský veter by Miro Remo

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak documentary filmmaker Miro Remo is finishing work on Vrbovský veter, his second documentary after his award-winning short student documentary Arsy-Versy

    And one of them is the portrait of an extraordinary man, who stopped drinking and started to live life to the fullest.

    Vrbovský veter is the story of Branislav Jobus, the peculiar musician (and reformed drinker) who became the founder and organizer of the music festival Vrbovské vetry running since 2007 in the small town Vrbové. Jobus plays in several bands and participates in music projects with his brother Andrej, known as Mr. Brother. Together they are fanciful inventors specializing in the production of unique musical instruments which have become an integral part of their folklore.

    This film, which was supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund in amount of 8,000 EUR, provides typical Remo´s human approach to his protagonist and subject matter, along with intelligent humour and cinematography which melds amusing and beautiful shots at the same time. The film is self-produced by Remo and his friends.

    “The film depicts the man who simply spreads the goodness, as one of the few film projects of contemporary Slovak cinema. It is not a social drama about the misfortune and evil, but it can give energy and hope for better life. And I think this is lacking here,” Remo said.

    This documentary will be released on 4 July 2014 at the Vrbovské Vetry Festival.

    Production Information
    Arsy-Versy, s.r.o.

    Norma Kráľovská

    Jakub Viktorín

    Director: Miro Remo

    Assistant director: Juraj Šlauka, Marek Kučera, Katarína Hlinčíková, Marek Urban  

    Script: Miro Remo, Juro Šlauka  
    DoP: Jaro Vaľko, Ivo Miko, Mário Ondriš, Lukáš Teren, Denisa Buranová, Juraj Ištvánik, Miro Remo  
    Editor: Robo Karovič  

    Sound: Lukáš Kasprzyk  

    Music: Karpatské chrbáty, Chiki liki tu a, Živé kvety, Para, Mňága a ždorp, Slobodná Európa, Vrbovskí víťazi, Záhradné domčeky  

    Cast: Branislav Jobus, Andrej Jobus