PRODUCTION: Slovak Documentary Series About COVID-19 in Development


    BRATISLAVA: Patrik Pašš is developing a documentary series under the working title 100 Days That Changed the World / 100 dní, ktoré zmenili svet through his company TRIGON PRODUCTION. The project will reflect the current, extremely challenging social situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic affecting not only Slovakia but the whole world.

    The ten documentaries directed by ten documentary directors will deal with ten topics about people in different professions affected by the pandemic.

    „Our ambition is to get the strongest personalities in Slovak documentary production into the project. We want to provide a separate manuscript for each of the directors and their original take on the themes, shaping an inimitable pictorial and narrative diversity. Right now, we are waiting for the directors to confirm their collaboration,” Jana Motyčková from TRIGON PRODUCTION told FNE.

    The shooting is planned from July 2020 with the duration of approximately three to four months, with post-production taking place in parallel. The completion of postproduction and release is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.

    The expected budget is 135,000 EUR. The project is supported by RTVS.

    Production information:

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    RTVS (Slovakia)

    Story by: Laura Siváková-Paššová