PRODUCTION: Slovak/Czech Drama The Dormant Account Ready for Preproduction

    Pietro Antonio Rotari (A Girl Wearing Pearl Drop Earrings) Pietro Antonio Rotari (A Girl Wearing Pearl Drop Earrings)

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Miloslav Luther is preparing the production of the Slovak/Czech drama The Dormant Account / Spiaci účet. The film is produced by Marian Urban´s ALEF FILM & MEDIA in coproduction with Slovak´s UN FILM , FRAME HOUSE, and Czech´s Fulfilm and Filmové ateliéry.

    Due to the pandemic, two different shooting dates are planned. Filming will begin either in July or in the autumn of 2021. Most of the 36 filming days will take place in Bratislava and the surrounding area, with the rest in Moravia (Brno, Zlín Region).

    „At the moment, we are between finishing development and starting preproduction. However, the creative and production staff will start to prepare the filming only when the conditions of the current pandemic allow it, we assume in the spring. Of course in theory it would be possible to start filming earlier. However, we consider the current pandemic situation not only as a disease, but also as a possibility of comprehensive healing of individual human beings, the whole society, and as a possibility of reassessment of all creative, implementation and distribution procedures and principles,“ Jana Kosová from ALEF FILM & MEDIA told FNE.

    The Dormant Account is a dramatic reflection on memory and time. A young married couple is searching for the secret of their ancestors. Their roots are to be found in a period when the most appalling crimes of the last century took place, connected with arization, boundless greed, ruthlessness, borderline manifestations of inhumanity, but also a boundless desire for power and money.

    The producers have already covered 65% of the expected budget of 1,795,000 EUR, with the support of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, RTVS and all three coproduction companies. Negotiations are currently underway with partners from other countries.

    The release is expected for the end of 2022. Continental film will be distributing in Slovakia.

    Production information:

    ALEF FILM & MEDIA (Slovakia)
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    UN FILM (Slovakia)
    FRAME HOUSE (Slovakia)
    Fulfilm (Czech Republic)
    Filmové ateliéry (Czech Republic)

    Director: Miloslav Luther
    Story: Miloslav Luther
    Screenplay: Miloslav Luther
    DOP: Marek Janda
    Set Design: Viera Dandová
    Costumes: Anna Hrošová, Kateřina Štefková
    Sound: Peter Gajdoš
    Cast: Richard Autner, Judit Bárdos, Iva Janžurová, Dávid Uzsák, František Kovár, Vladimír Polívka