FESTIVALS: Fest Anča 2021 Announces Official Selection


    ŽILINA: A total of 1,244 films from 67 countries were submitted to the 14th Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021, which will take place 1 – 4 July 2021 in Žilina. Four competitive and nine non-competitive sections of the festival will present films by renowned directors as well as newbies from all over the world.

    The festival´s annual programme includes international competitions of short animated films and music videos, as well as thematic and special focus film sections. A new special section especially created for this year´s edition called Anča in Facemask is a follow up to the Domased exhibition of illustrations that was part of last year´s programme and followed the artists´ experience of living through the pandemic.

    The 14th Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021 is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund. Fest Anča Student Forum received support from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway via EEA and Norway Grants.

    Main international competition:

    Alice (Russia)
    Directed by Aleksey Sukhov

    We Hope You Won’t Need to Come Back (Poland)
    Directed by Anastazja Naumenko

    Polka-dot Boy (France)
    Directed by Sarina Nihei

    Five Minutes Older / Pięć Minut Starsza (Poland)
    Directed by Sara Szymanska

    The Courgette’s Smile (France)
    Directed by Lucas Ansart

    Precious / Précieux (France)
    Directed by Paul Mas

    Coffin (France)
    Directed by Yuanqing Cai, Nathan Crabot, Houzhi Huang, Mikolaj Janiw, Mandimby Lebon, Théo Tran Ngoc

    Bye Little Block! / Pá kis Panelom! (Hungary)
    Directed by Éva Darabos

    The Mistress of the Copper Mountain (Russian Federation)
    Directed by Dmitry Geller

    Fruit (Canada)
    Directed by Ivan Li

    Symbiosis (France)
    Directed by Nadja Andrasev

    The Dip (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Simona Mehandzhieva

    KKUM (Republic of Korea)
    Directed by Kang-min Kim

    Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty Miles a Day (Belgium)
    Directed by Mathieu Georis

    Directed by Paul Bush

    Angry Dogs (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Shaun Clark

    The Chimney Swift (Germany)
    Directed by Frédéric Schuld

    NIGHT BUS (Taiwan)
    Directed by Joe Hsieh

    My Fat Arse and I / Ja i moja gruba dupa (Poland)
    Directed by Yelyzaveta Pysmak

    Tiger and Ox (Republic of Korea)
    Directed by Seunghee Kim

    TIE / ELO (Portugal)
    Directed by Alexandra Ramires (Xá)

    Push This Button if You Begin to Panic (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Gabriel Böhmer

    Turning (UK)
    Directed by Linnéa Haviland

    Places / Priestory (Slovakia)
    Directed by Andrea Gabajová

    Soft and White (United States)
    Directed by Gina Kamentsky

    Boy Oh Boy (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Stephen Irwin

    Naked (Russiaa)
    Directed by Kirill Khachaturov

    TWIGS (Israel)
    Directed by Hadas Alamgor

    Hot Flash (Canada)
    Directed by Thea Hollatz

    Ghosts (Republic of Korea)
    Directed by Jee-youn Park

    DOGHEAD (Japan)
    Directed by Momo Takenoshita

    Peregrine (Israel)
    Directed by Daniela Sherer

    ALTÖTTING (Germany)
    Directed by Andreas Hykade

    Crab / Kharchang (Islamic Republic of Iran)
    Directed by Shiva Sadegh Asadi

    The Blank Page (USA)
    Directed by Jake Fried

    Affairs of the Art (UK)
    Joanna Quinn

    Slovak short films competition:

    Places / Priestory (Slovakia)
    Directed by Andrea Gabajová

    Prezident Lourajder – Osud (Slovakia)
    Directed by Matej Mihályi

    Home Sweet Home (Slovakia)
    Directed by David Štumf

    Uninvited Guests / Nepozvaní hostia (Slovakia)
    Directed by Jakub Mereš

    Čisté Tvary – FLY / Čisté Tvary – Leť (Slovakia)
    Directed by Marián Vredík

    Maze of Memories (Slovakia)
    Directed by Anna Mária Medvecká

    Trip to the Moon 1969 / Cesta Na Mesiac 1969 (Slovakia)
    Directed by Samuel Sčerbák

    Sanctuary (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Eva Matejovičová

    Boys Tears / Chlapčenské slzy (Slovakia)
    Directed by Zuzana Žiaková

    Donna Bella (Slovakia)
    Directed by Virág Emma Csuport

    Fur (Slovakia)
    Directed by Kristína Bajaníková

    On the Hill (Slovakia)
    Directed by Lukáš Ďurica, Juraj Mäsiar