PRODUCTION: Peter Bebjak Preps Slovak Biopic Duchoň

    Duchoň by Peter Bebjak Duchoň by Peter Bebjak credit: D.N.A. Production

    BRATISLAVA: The acclaimed Slovak director Peter Bebjak is currently in preproduction with his biographical feature Duchoň, based on the life of famous Slovak singer Karol Duchoň, who died tragically at the age of 35 in 1985. The production of the film should start in a few weeks.

    In developing the script, Peter Bebjak and screenwriters Jiří Havelka and Robert Mankovecký worked with Duchoň's family and his closest collaborator Luboš Zeman to portray the most realistic story of his life and to show less publicly known facts.

    „The 26 days of shooting are planned for the summer of 2024, while the release in cinemas is planned for 31 July 2025,“ Tatiana Tóthová from D.N.A. Production told FNE.

    The film is scheduled to premiere in the year that marks 40 years since Duchoň´s tragic death and when he would have celebrated his 75th birthday.

    Rasťo Šesták is the producer of the film. The estimated budget of 2 m EUR was supported by the VOD platform VOYO and Continental Film, which will also release the film in domestic cinemas.

    Production Information:

    D.N.A. Production (Slovakia)
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    VOYO (Slovakia)
    Continental Film (Slovakia)

    Director: Peter Bebjak
    Screenwriters: Jiří Havelka, Robert Mankovecký
    DoP: Martin Žiaran
    Costume design: Ján Kocman
    Set design: Juraj Kuchárek
    Edit: Marek Kráľovský
    SFX make up: Martin Jankovič