PRODUCTION: Arun Bhattarai and Dorottya Zurbó in Postproduction with New Documentary Shot in Bhutan

BUDAPEST: Arun Bhattarai and Dorottya Zurbó return to Bhutan with their new documentary Agent of Happiness / Bruttó Nemzeti Boldogság, which was supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI). This coproduction between Hungary and Bhutan is currently in rough cut stage, and it is taking part in the dok.incubator INT workshop 2023.


PRODUCTION: Jacek Bromski in Postproduction with New Feature Film and TV Series

WARSAW: Jacek Bromski is working on the fourth instalment of his hit comedy series: In Heaven as It Is on Earth / U Pana Boga za piecem (TVP), God's Little Village / U Pana Boga za miedzą (TVP) and God's Little Garden / U pana boga w ogródku (TVP). The new WFDiF production titled U Pana Boga w Królowym Moście is conceived both as a feature film and TV series.


PRODUCTION: Bosnian Director Srđan Vuletić in Production with Third Feature Film Gym

SARAJEVO: Srđan Vuletić is currently shooting his third feature film Gym, which is a Bosnian/Croatian/Slovenian/Montenegrin coproduction. Vuletić won the Golden Tiger Award for his debut feature Summer in the Golden Valley / Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini (2003, produced by Refresh).


PRODUCTION: Hungarian Minority Coproduction The Brutalist Starring Adrien Brody and Felicity Jones Shoots in Hungary

BUDAPEST: Brady Corbet is currently shooting The Brutalist, starring Adrien Brody, Felicity Jones, Guy Pearce, Joe Alwyn, Isaach De Bankolé, Stacy Martin and Alessandro Nivola, in Hungary. The film is coproduced by Viktória Petrányi through Proton Cinema and it will be edited by Hungarian Dávid Jancsó.


PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Eliza Petkova Shoots Documentary Silent Observers

SOFIA: Eliza Petkova is currently in production with her new documentary Silent Observers, which is a Bulgarian/German coproduction between Red Carpet and Wood Water Films. The film explores life in the mountain village of Pirin through the eyes of a horse, a dog, a goat, a cat, and a mare.


PRODUCTION: Dénes Nagy Shoots Doc on Famous Composer György Kurtág

BUDAPEST: Hungarian film director/writer Dénes Nagy is currently in production with his long documentary Kurtág, in which he follows the acclaimed Hungarian composer György Kurtág throughout Europe. The film is estimated to be finished in 2024.


PRODUCTION: Jakub Kroner Shoots Slovak/Czech Thriller MIKI

BRATISLAVA: The Slovak/Czech thriller MIKI by Jakub Kroner, which is currently in production, tells the story of the infamous mafia mobster Mikuláš Černák, based on true events from the 90´s. Milan Ondrík plays the main character.


PRODUCTION: Emir Kapetanović Shoots Road Film/Comedy When Santa Claus Was a Communist

SARAJEVO: Emir Kapetanović is currently in production with his debut feature When Santa Claus Was a Communist / Ne skreći sa staze, which is a coproduction between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.


PRODUCTION: Bosnian Director Una Gunjak in Postproduction with Excursion

SARAJEVO: Bosnian director Una Gunjak, whose first directorial debut Chicken (2014) won the European Film Award for Best Short Film, is currently in postproduction with her feature debut Excursion. The film is a coproduction between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Norway and France.


PRODUCTION: Vinci Vogue Anžlovar Starts Shooting Tartini’s Key

LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Vinci Vogue Anžlovar will start shooting his sixth feature film Tartini’s Key / Tartinijev ključ on 4 May 2023. This child-youth crime adventure is a Slovenian/Italian coproduction, which will be shot in 30 days in Slovenia and Italy.


PRODUCTION: Lithuanian Director Karolis Kaupinis Wraps Shooting Sophomore Feature

VILNIUS: After his successful debut with Nova Lituania (2019) Lithuanian director Karolis Kaupinis has started the filming of his second feature film Hunger Strike Breakfast / Badautojų namelis on 13 March 2023. This Lithuanian/Czech/Latvian coproduction is set to be released in 2024.


PRODUCTION: Gabi Virginia Șarga and Cătălin Rotaru in Postproduction with Where Elephants Go

BUCHAREST: Romanian Palme d’or short film nominees Gabi Virginia Șarga and Cătălin Rotaru (4:15 p.m. The End of the World, 2016), are currently in postproduction with their sophomore feature Where Elephants Go / Unde merg elefanții.


PRODUCTION: Radu Jude in Postproduction with Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World

BUCHAREST: Golden Bear winner Radu Jude is currently in advanced postproduction with his feature film Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World aka A Case History. Athens-based Heretic Outreach is handling the sales of this coproduction between Romania, Luxembourg, France and Croatia.


PRODUCTION: Klára Tasovská in Postproduction with Czech/Slovak/Austrian Doc I'm Not Everything I Want to Be

PRAGUE: Czech director Klára Tasovská is currently in postproduction with her long documentary I'm Not Everything I Want to Be / Ještě nejsem, kým chci být, which is estimated to be finished in 2023.


PRODUCTION: Andres Puustusmaa in Postproduction with Estonian/Latvian One-dimensional Man

TALLINN: Estonian director and former actor Andres Puustusmaa is currently in postproduction with his feature drama One-dimensional Man / Ühemõõtmeline mees, which is estimated to be finished in 2023.


PRODUCTION: Stere Gulea Starts Shooting The Moromete Family 3

BUCHAREST: The acclaimed Romanian film director Stere Gulea started shooting The Moromete Family 3 / Moromeții 3 on 1 March 2023. The film is the third part of what started in 1987 as a one-time adaptation of the famous novel Moromeții by Marin Preda, directed by Stere Gulea, which was followed by a sequel in 2018, Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time / Moromeții 2 directed again by Gulea.