EFP Producers on the Move 2013: Viktor Taus


    PRAGUE: Czech producer Viktor Taus, raised on both 35 mm and VHS, developed a desire to create both artistically compelling and commercially successful films.

    He made his directing debut with My Detox in 1999, continuing his directing career with The Great Thaw (2008) and Clownwise, now in postproduction, which he is also producing with his Fog’n’Desire producing partner Michal Kollar. Taus will return the favor with The Red Captain now in development which will be directed by Kollar.

    The company also produces films by other directors, including House by Slovak director Zuzan Liova and the recently completed Honeymoon by Oscar-nominated director Jan Hrebejk.

    Speaking with FNE about his current film, Taus said, “Clownwise is in the final stage of postproduction. A drama with comedic characters in its core it is a Czech-Slovak-Luxembourg-Finnish coproduction. The film is written by a two time Academy Award nominated writer Petr Jarchovsky and starring legendary Czech comedians Oldrich Kaiser and Jiri Labus accompanied by international cast: Didier Flamand, Kati Outinen and Eva Jenickova.”

    Taus said he became a film producer “Because I dared to decide to become a director in the first place. Making a film is so accessible nowadays, and it’s even easier to distribute it, that creating an environment for the true craft means to produce it by oneself in my region. Cahiers du cinema calls the filmmakers of my kind the ‘do-it-yourself generation.’ And I consider myself its proud member. Plus, becoming a producer enabled me to work on films of the filmmakers I admire. That way I serve myself as a moviegoer. I can see the films that might not have been there otherwise.”

    With three films in various stages of production, Taus follows his own advice: “Do not work on the film like it's the only one. Life is about series of films. There is no film worth leaving the ground burnt after you. It’s difficult to plant a new one on such ground. And, strangely enough, no matter how successful your film might be, money wise and/or quality wise, the success is never rewarding enough. It's the actual process that has to be the thrill. If you don't enjoy the process itself, go, save yourself, and do something else.”   



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