FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Gone Wild

CLUJ-NAPOCA: The 80 minute documentary Gone Wild is a fascinating wild life "fairy tale." Written, directed and shot by Dan Curean, it was filmed entirely on the Danube Delta, mostly…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - A Dream's Merchant

CLUJ-NAPOCA: In his 173 min independent documentary A Dream's Merchant, Bogdan Ilie-Micu follows the young photographer Mihai Barbu as he travels by motorcycle from Romania to Mongolia, traversing 26,000 km…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Visiting Room

CLUJ-NAPOCA: After four feature films - Rage/Furia, The Paper Will Be Blue/Hârtia va fi albastră, Boogie and Tuesday, After Christmas/Marţi, după Crăciun - screenwriter/director Radu Muntean has directed Visiting Room,…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Horses Are Green on the Walls

CLUJ-NAPOCA: The central character of Horses Are Green on the Walls/Şi caii sunt verzi pe pereţi is a storekeeper who loses his job when the warehouse where he works is…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Turn off the Lights

CLUJ-NAPOCA: The Bucharest-based young Serbian director Ivana Mladenovic investigates the life of four 19 years old boys after their release from penitentiary in her long documentary Turn off the Lights.

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Best Intentions

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Awarded the FNE Visegrad Prix for best fiction coproduction at Jameson CineFest - Miskolc International Film Festival 2011 (www.cinefest.hu ), Adrian Sitaru's Best Intentions/Din dragoste, cu cele mai bune…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Digging for Life

{mosimage}BUCHAREST: In Doina groparilor/Digging for Life Pavel Cuzuioc describes the daily life of a group of gravediggers at the Doina cemetery near Chişinău, the capital city of the Republic of…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days- Everybody in Our Family

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Everybody in Our Family, Radu Jude's follow-up to the feature The Happiest Girl in the World/Cea mai fericită fată din lume and the mid-length Film for Friends/Film pentru prieteni,…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Crulic - The Path to Beyond

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Crulic - The Path to Beyond/Crulic - Drumul spre dincolo, one of Romania's best selling films, is a Romanian-Polish coproduction based on the tragic story of Claudiu Crulic, a…

PRODUCTION: American WER Wraps Shooting in Romania

BUCHAREST: After the box-office success with The Devil Inside, William Brent Bell filmed a horror with werewolves at MediaPro Studios (www.mediaprostudios.com) in Bucharest.

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days- Killing Time

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Writer/director Florin Piersic Jr. (Fix alert) is screening) his latest film Killing Time, a film noir comedy about two hit men waiting in an empty apartment for their next…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Of Snails and Men

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Tudor Giurgiu's second feature, Of Snails and Men/Despre oameni şi melci, is inspired by true events, even if they may sound odd. In 2002, Reuters published a news report…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Somewhere in Palilula

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Somewhere in Palilula/Undeva la Palilula, the first feature film by the internationally acclaimed Romanian stage director Silviu Purcărete, is a provocative and expensive project (a budget of 1.6 million…

FNE at Transilvania IFF Romanian Days: Teodora Siner

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: In the documentary Teodora Siner Christian Orthodox nuns in a Romanian monastery call each other "little mothers."

Mungiu's Beyond the Hills Sold in 20 Territories

{mosimage}CANNES: Christian Mungiu's Cannes competition film Beyond the Hills/După dealuri has been sold to more than 20 territories including Germany, France, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Latin American territories and…

PRODUCTION: Hallmark Film to Shoot at Castel Film

BUCHAREST: Confections of a Discarded Woman directed by Michael Damian for the U.S. Hallmark Channel is in preproduction at Castel Film.

PRODUCTION: Vagasi and Solomon Reteam on Roxanne

BUCHAREST: Hungarian producer Emoke Vagasi and Romanian producer Ada Solomon are in preproduction with Roxanne, the debut film of director Valentin Hotea. The two coproduced Best Intentions by Adrian Sitaru.

PRODUCTION: America, Here We Come in Development

BUCHAREST: Razvan Savescu is developing and scouting locations for his first feature America, Here We Come, the story of a group of provincial actors was invited by the NY-based Romanian…

FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Three Days Till Christmas

{mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: Radu Gabrea's Three Days Till Christmas which has its Romanina premiere screening at the Transilvania International Film Festival (www.tiff.ro) is a docu-drama focusing on in the last days of…

FESTIVALS: Transilvania IFF Romanian Days Unveils Programme

{mosimage}CLUJ: Eleven feature films and 16 shorts will screen in the TIFF (www.tiff.ro) Romanian Days section, 6-9 June 2012.