All star cast of The Mill And The Cross working in Poland

Charlotte Rampling, Michael York and Rutger Hauer came to Katowice to star in a new movie from Lech Majewski, inspired by a famous Pieter Breugel's painting.

EAVE Producers Workshop for the first time in Warsaw

Warsaw is hosting the prestigious international Eave Workshop for international film producers, a week long event on cinema marketing strategies that began November 17.

Obituatry: Stanislaw Rozewicz, TOR film studio founder

Stanislaw Rozewicz, director, founder and artistic director of the TOR Film Studio, and considered a great moral authority among Polish film-makers, died of cancer on November 9, age 84.

Polish presence at the American Film Market

The Polish Film Institute (PISF) is presenting Polish films for the first time at the AFM, running through November 12.

Rupert Murdoch drops TV Puls

After the withdraw of the News Corporation from the stations shareholders group, TV Puls is looking for a new investor.

Polish local film funding spreads to the Westpomeranian Region

Poland's newest film fund has been established at the Westpomeranian Province, a region with a strong need for a cinema industry development.

Polish Tricks in French distribution

Tricks directed by Andrzej Jakimowski had gone into regular cinema release in France, gathering enthusiastic reviews.

Jerzy Hoffman loses copyrights in Ukraine

Polish director Jerzy Hoffman has lost a court case against the Ukrainian government over Hoffman's hit movie With Fire and Sword.

PISF celebrates 100 years of Polish cinema

Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the first Polish feature film, the Polish Film Institute ( had prepared a series of events including gallery shows, retrospectives and a DVD collection.

Rome win for Zanussi film

Krzysztof Zanussi's competition film, With a Warm Heart, earned the best actor prize for Bodhan Stupka at the awards ceremony of the Rome International Film Festival on October 31.

Krakow film fest invites entries

The 49 Krakow Film Festival, running May 29-June 4, announced its call for competition films in three categories.

Polish films win top Tokyo prize

Two Polish productions won the Grand Prix and the Special Jury Prize at the 21st Tokyo Film Festival.

Polish Pixels in four perspectives

Pixels, an absurd comedy about contemporary Poland will finish shooting on October 30.

Directing duo wraps road movie

The shoot for Miracle Seller, a Polish road movie from a pair of music video directors, wraps filming on the 30th of October 30.

Polish dramatist debuts in 30 Minutes

Krzysztof Bizio moves from scriptwriter to director with All of Anna's Lies, which began filming October 20.

Bollywood movies drive Polish newspaper sales

After finding marketing success by offering movie collections along with the daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, the newspaper has found a new marketing tool: Bollywood movies.

Strawberry Wine reaps festival success

Dariusz Jablonski's Strawberry Wine took home the audience award from the 16 Trzyniec film festival in the Czech Republic before screening at the Haifa film festival.

BooBoo in the Land of Bears and Palms

Agencies selling films abroad, institutions common in the West, are still as rare in Poland as snow in Havana.

Opus Film Sees Potential in Young Artists

The films presented at this year's CentEast Market included My Flesh, My Blood by debuting director Marcin Wrona, a project involving Opus Film, one of Poland's largest production companies.

Festival winners also market winners in Warsaw

Three award winners at the 24th Warsaw International Film Festival were also screened in the CentEast Market Warsaw programme, which ran during the latter half of the Warsaw festival.