FNE TV at European Film Academy Awards 2012: Malta

FNE TV spoke to two of the prize winners at the awards ceremony in Malta, Tudor Giurgiu, winner of best short film for Superman, Spiderman or Batman (click here) and…

FNE at EFA 2012: Haneke’s Amour sweeps EFA Awards

MALTA: Michael Haneke’s Amour swept the EFA awards winning best film, best director and best actor and actress awards leaving other contenders with little to divide between the remaining films.
03-12-2012 m

FNE at European Film Academy Awards 2012: Malta

MALTA: Malta will host the 25th anniversary edition of the European Film Awards 1 December at the island’s Mediterranean Conference Centre, a spectacular venue built in 1574.
30-11-2012 m

Malta Lines up 2013 Foreign Films

MALTA: The Malta Film Fund (www.mfc.com.mt) distributed 239,000 EUR for domestic production and it was announced that three films are scheduled to shoot in Malta in 2013.

Malta Emerging Producer Pierre Ellul

COTTBUS: Malta’s fledgling local film industry needs a dynamic professional to pull the small island country’s film production onto the world stage. Meet Pierre Ellul. Ellul is providing a short…

Britain Returns Historical Films to Malta

MALTA: The Malta Film Commission (MFC, www.mfc.com.mt) has reached an agreement with the British Film Institute to return to Malta the first four films shot in Malta, filmed between 1925…

Malta Gets Funds for Film Training

MALTA: Malta will receive 500,000 EUR for help in creating a skilled film industry, with EU funds awarded to the Malta Film Commission (www.mfc.com.mt), which announced the news.

Malta Boosts Film Fund

The government of Malta announced it will invest an additional 250,000 euros to support the local film industry.

Government to Take Back Mediterranean Film Studios

A Malta court has ordered the owner of the Mediterranean Film Studios to return the property to the government of Malta due to nonpayment of rent.

PRODUCTiON: Captain Phillips Filming in Malta

Sony Pictures Entertainment is in Malta filming Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks, through the end of May. According to Malta's film commissioner (www.mfc.com.mt) Peter Busuttil, shooting will take place at…

PRODUCTION: Italian Series Films in Malta

The second series of the Italian TV production Come un delfino will begin a shoot in Malta on 14 April.

Malta Builds Ties with Britain

The head of the Malta Film Commission (www.mfc.com.mt) and the Malta High Commissioner met with UK production companies during a three-day promotional tour to London held in late March 2012.

Malta Promotes Film Industry in India

Building on its burgeoning film service industry, the government of Malta has begun promoting the country as a filmmaking destination to India's film industry.

Malta Prepares Production Directory

The Malta Film Commission announced it will publish a national online film production resource directory.

Malta Announces 2012 Grants

{mosimage}The Malta Film Commission (www.mfc.com.mt) will distribute 184,500 euros to eight films.

Captain Phillips Scouts Malta

{mosimage}Peter Busuttil, head of the Malta Film Commission, said that Malta is in discussions to bring Captain Phillips to Malta for location filming.

Malta Unveils New Film Equipment Company

{mosimage}With 65 productions spending 105 euros in Malta in the last four years, Malta is promoting the recent launch of the country's first film service equipment company.

Malta Revises Censorship Laws

Proposed amendments will alter Malta's film age guidelines with the creation of a Film Age Classification board.

Malta Pursues Unpaid License Fees

The Maltese government is threatening to take legal action against households that have not paid TV license fees, local media reports.

Malta to End TV Licenses

Malta will put an end to TV license fees in 2012.