TVP acquires Uefa rights

Polish public broadcaster TVP has acquired rights to broadcast the 2012 Uefa football games in Poland.

TVP cooperates with Cyfrowy Polsat

Public broadcaster TVP and Cyfrowy Polsat, the biggest satellite operator in Poland, have signed an agreement regulating their cooperation.

New Polish media bill in the works

A new Polish media bill is going before parliament, with the hope it will go into effect in June 2009.

A regional cinema chain launching in Poland

Małopolska Province will co-finance a digital cinema chain project with Cracow-based Apollo Film using existing local cinemas in the region.

Polish market opens for DVB-H technology

Polish company INFO-TV-FM has won a tender to become the first Polish provider of television in the Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld format.

New film complex launches in Poland

A new film studio complex under the direction of Stanisław Tyczyński has opened in Alwernia, near Cracow.

TV ARTE breaks off with TVP

The German-French cultural channel ARTE broke of co-operation with Polish public broadcaster TVP, citing the political leanings of TVP's new chairman.

Polish film grants announced

The Polish Film Institute (PISF) has announced the results of its first round of film grants for 2009.

FNE at the Polish Eagles: 2009

This year's Polish Eagles, the annual awards for Polish feature films, were dominated by Malgorzata Szumowska's 33 Scenes From Life which won best film and Waldemar Krzystek's Little Moscow, which…
10-03-2009 m

Polsat expands coverage

Poland's pay-TV satellite platform Cyfrowy Polsat announced the addition of a fourth transponder and a 32% increase in its reach to satellite TV homes.

Polish TVP cuts back to avoid losses

Polish public broadcaster TVP announced new budget and structural changes for 2009 that will cut projected losses from 300 to 78 million PLN.

Modern treasure hunt documentary in the works

Polish Bow & Axe Entertainment has lined up an international co-production with the working title Return To Lodz. Pandora's Box.

TVN posts profits, but sees 4th quarter decline

Poland's leading commercial broadcaster TVN posted a 22% increase in revenues in 2008, but saw fourth quarter losses of over 30%.

SPI "dis"claims 2009 record opening weekend

SPI International Poland's Lords of the Flies' racked up impressive opening week-end numbers, with 157,344 admissions, comparing favorably to 2008's top ten Polish films.

30 films competes for Polish Film Awards ‘Eagles’ 2009

The 11th edition of Polish Film Awards ‘Eagles' 2009 has begun with the votes by members of Polish Film Academy.

Solid opening week for Karamazovs in Poland

Petr Zelenka's The Karamazovs racked up nearly 9,000 admissions in its first week in distribution in Polish cinemas.

Polish-Czech Hel moves into production

Hel, a debut feature from Kinga Dębska, started shooting on February 10, after spending two years pre-production.

TVP increases ad rates

Polish public broadcaster TVP raised the prices of commercial time, in a search for additional profits as part of the station's new development plan.

Wajda at Berlin with Sweet Rush

Poland's acclaimed director Andrzej Wajda is in Berlin for the world premiere of Sweet Rush, screening in competition at the Berlinale.

Polish TV ad revenues strong in 2009

Ad revenues for Polish broadcasters held strong in January, but TVN's digital TV channel 'n' posted losses for 2008 due primarily to fluctuating currency exchage rates.