BUDAPEST: The historical drama Nuremberg directed by James Vanderbilt and starring Russell Crowe, Rami Malek and Michael Shannon will start shooting in Hungary in March 2024.

Last phase for project submission has started!  LATE FEE DEADLINE IS THE 4TH OF MARCH 2024

PRAGUE: The production incentive programme has been reopened in the Czech Republic and the system remains unchanged, including the cap of 5.94 m EUR / 150 m CZK per project.

BUDAPEST: The biopic Semmelweis, Lajos Koltai’s return to directing after over 15 years, has become the domestic film with best admissions in Hungarian cinemas in the past five years. Since its release on 30 November 2023, the film has attracted over 280,000 spectators.

The North Macedonia Film Agency announced the following grants on 1 February 2024.

NICOSIA: The Ministry of Finance of Cyprus has approved a support of 479,000 EUR for the British mini-series The Love Rat, which was shot entirely in Cyprus in November - December 2022.

BUCHAREST: Writer/director Ioana Mischie (Fulbright Alumna, Berlinale Talents Alumna, Sundance Capalbio Alumna) is currently in postproduction with Government of Children II, a pioneering transmedia documentary inviting children to redesign their societies for the long-term.

BUDAPEST: SPI International launched a new version of the FilmBox channel in Hungary in January 2024. The endeavour will be further strengthened through a partnership with RTL Saleshouse, facilitating advertising sales and viewership measurement.

BUDAPEST: Renowned Hungarian film director and producer László Vitézy died at the age of 83. He had received the Grand Prize of the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival for Peacetime / Békeidö (1980).