PRODUCTION: Patryk Vega in Postproduction with Autobiopic Invisible War

WARSAW: The latest autobiographical film written and directed by Patryk Vega, entitled Invisible War, will be released in Polish theatres on 30 September 2022, with Rafał Zawierucha in the lead. The film is currently in postproduction.


PRODUCTION: Ádám Breier Shoots Bittersweet Dramedy The Lefkovices Are Mourning

BUDAPEST: Hungarian director Ádám Breier is currently shooting his debut feature, the bittersweet dramedy The Lefkovices are Mourning / Lefkovicsék gyászolnak, made in the Incubator Programme of the National Film Institute – Hungary.


PRODUCTION: Danis Tanović and Aida Begić in Postproduction with TV Series Kotlina

SARAJEVO: Academy Award-winner Danis Tanović and Cannes FF laureate Aida Begić are currently in postproduction with Kotlina, a five-episode crime drama created by Tanović and Amra Bakšić Čamo, and produced by SCCA/ for BH Telecom and BH Content Lab.


PRODUCTION: Latvian/Lithuanian Feature Portraying Millennials Generation Wraps Shooting in Latvia

RIGA: Latvian director Liene Linde wrapped the shoot of her debut feature Black Velvet / Melnais samts on 3 August 2022. This Latvian/Lithuanian coproduction is a partly autobiographical dramedy about a 30 year old woman Marta, a film director.


PRODUCTION: George Sikharulidze in Production with Georgian/French/Romanian/Italian Drama Panopticon

TBILISI: Georgian director/writer George Sikharulidze is currently in production with his debut feature Panopticon, a Georgian/French/Romanian/Italian coproduction exploring teenage sexuality and Christian fundamentalism in post-Soviet Georgia.


PRODUCTION: Marko Raat Shoots 8 Views of Lake Biwa on Estonian/Russian Border

TALLINN: The magical-realist tragedy 8 Views of Lake Biwa / Biwa järve 8 nägu by Marko Raat is currently shooting in Estonia. The Estonian/Finnish coproduction is led by Estonia’s most established film production company Allfilm, partnering with Helsinki-based Bufo.


PRODUCTION: Oscar-Nominated Lajos Koltai Explores Life of Revolutionary Hungarian Doctor Ignác Semmelweis

BUDAPEST: Lajos Koltai, who had been nominated as cinematographer for an Academy Award for Giuseppe Tornatore’s Malena in 2001, started shooting a new film as a director on 19 July 2022. The romantic drama The Invisible Killer / A láthatatlan gyilkos follows a life-changing year from the life of doctor Ignác Semmelweis, also known as the „saviour of mothers”.


PRODUCTION: Dutch/Latvian Family Feature Film The Book of Everything Starts Shooting in Latvia

RIGA: Family feature film The Book of Everything by Dutch director Ineke Houtman starts shooting in Latvia on 3 August 2022. The Dutch/Latvian coproduction will be shot in Latvia for 16 days and received cash rebates from the Riga Film Fund and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.


PRODUCTION: Serbian Veteran Director Mladomir Puriša Đorđević Shoots New Film

BELGRADE: Veteran Serbian and Yugoslav filmmaker Mladomir Puriša Đorđević is shooting at 98 years a new feature film. Mouth Full of Earth / Usta puna zemlje is based on the acclaimed bestselling novel from 1974 by Branimir Šćepanović and is expected to premiere by or around the end of 2022.


PRODUCTION: Robert Hloz in Postproduction with Czech/Slovak/Polish/Serbian Sci-Fi Restore Point

PRAGUE: Czech director/writer Robert Hloz is currently in postproduction with his debut feature, the sci-fi Restore Point / Bod Obnovy, which is a Czech/Slovak/Polish/Serbian coproduction.


PRODUCTION: Beata Parkanová in Production with Czech/Slovak Tiny Lights

PRAGUE: Czech director/writer Beata Parkanová is currently in production with her full-length feature, the Czech/Slovak coproduction Tiny Lights, about Amálka's day that captures a moment of vital transformation and loss, but also brings hope that Amálka can turn this loss into the ability to observe and tell stories.


PRODUCTION: Czech/Slovak Doc Kapr Code Introduces New Opera in Film Form

PRAGUE: Lucie Králová’s documentary Kapr Code / Kapr focuses on the contradictory life of progressive composer and prominent communist Jan Kapr (1914-88) using the innovative formula of the opera documentary. Its Czech premiere is set for the 26th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, which will run 25 - 30 October 2022.


FNE at KVIFF 2022: Anna Dziapshipa in Postproduction with Doc Self Portrait Along the Borderline

TBILISI: Georgian director/producer Anna Dziapshipa is currently in postproduction with her documentary, the Georgian Self Portrait Along the Borderline / Avtoportreti Zghvarze. The film participated in the Eastern Promises – Works in Progress within the 56th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (1 – 9 July 2022).


PRODUCTION: Serbian Firefly Productions in Production with Second Season of TV Series Tycoon

BELGRADE: Firefly Productions is currently in production with the second season of the TV series Tycoon / Tajkun directed by Jelena Gavrilović and Ivan Stefanović. The first season premiered in March 2020 and it was the first TV series produced by Belgrade-based Firefly Productions.


PRODUCTION: Tomáš Krupa Shoots Slovak/French/Austrian Survival Doc

BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Tomáš Krupa has started production on his creative documentary We Have to Survive / Musíme prežiť. The Slovak/French/Austrian coproduction captures stories about climatic change impacts from four different corners of the world, while keeping the lowest possible Carbon footprint.


PRODUCTION: Zdeněk Jiráský in Postproduction with Czech/Slovak/Romanian Road Film I Don't Love You Anymore

PRAGUE: Czech director/writer Zdeněk Jiráský is currently in postproduction with his feature film I Don’t Love You Anymore / Už tě nemám rád, a Czech/Slovak/Romanian coproduction about two kids on the run to adulthood. The project participated in First Cut Lab at KVIFF 2022.