FNE TV: Malta Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech

FNE TV spoke to Malta Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech about how being a small country can be an advantage for film production and new developments in Malta’s tax incentives and…

Top Malta Production Outfit Rebrands as U-Film

VALLETTA: Leading production company U-Film, a 15-year veteran of films shot in and around Malta, has rebranded from its previous iteration, Film Corporation.

Top Malta Underwater and Location Services Outfit U-Film in Berlin

BERLIN: Top Malta film production outfit U-Film is in Berlin presenting the company’s newly expanded capabilities. U-Film located in Malta is one of Europe’s top underwater filming specialists as well…

Malta Restructures Film Fund

The new commissioner of the Malta Film Fund Engelbert Grech plans to change the structure of the fund with an announcement about the new workings of the fund expected in…

New Malta Film Commissioner Appointed

VALLETTA: Engelbert Grech has been appointed by the Malta Minister for Home Affairs Manuel Mallia as the new Film Commissioner for Malta. He will replace Peter Busutill at the head…

FNE Warsaw AV Summit Country Profile: Malta

Foreign film services, a driving force behind Malta’s film industry since its earliest days, have seen a revival in recent years.

Malta Raises Fees for Film Classification

VALETTA: The government of Malta has increased the fee of age-classification to 100 EUR for a film from the former fee of 50 EUR.

Malta Boosts Film Exhibition

Malta is dedicating 500,000 EUR toward the digitalisation of its cinemas as part of the country’s 2014 budget.

Malta to Fund Digitalisation of Cinemas

The government of Malta plans to distribute up to 500,000 EUR toward digitalisation of Malta’s cinemas.

Malta Plans Film Coproduction Funding

Malta Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia told the country’s parliament that government plans to introduce 1m EUR in funding for coproductions.

Citadella Plans Great Siege in Malta

Citadella, a newcomer to the Malta film industry, plans a three-season, 24 episode coproduction with Canada, Germany and the U.K.

TV Pilot to Film in Malta

A Canadian/Maltese TV pilot about the earliest days of the Christian church is due to film in Malta at the end of November 2013.

PRODUCTION: Wolverine star in Malta for The Divers shoot

MALTA: After filming among the most beautiful places in the Maltese Islands, including underwater scenes since 30 September, Konstantin Buslov's film The Divers wrapped shooting on 28 October. The Malta…

Malta to Launch Scriptwriting Institute

VALLETTA: U.S. scriptwriter Robert McKee will open the International Institute for Writers in Malta with a workshop on screenwriting on 30 November 2013.

Malta Announces New Tenders

With international films landing en masse on the shores of the island nation of Malta, the Malta Film Commission has issued a call for five tenders for training programmes.

Captain Phillips Boosts Interest in Malta

VALLETTA: Tom Hanks starrer Captain Phillips is expected to stimulate further international production in Malta following the film's ballyhooed 11 October 2013 release.

Malta’s FilmCorp surfaces with new docs and underwater services at MIPCOM

MALTA: Malta’s top underwater and location services outfit, Film Corporation www.filmcorporation.com.mt , will be in MIPCOM with its newly produced TV content in the form of short documentaries formatted for…
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Malta Film Fund Sees Record Wave of Applications

VALLETTA: With double the number of projects applying for a development or production grant from the Malta Film Fund this year vs 2012, officials report that the 43 current hopefuls…

Malta Reaches Out at MIPCOM 2013

MALTA: Continuing its push to build a growing slate of international productions, the Malta Film Commission www.mfc.com.mt will be talking up its status as a film-friendly Mediteranean location as the…

Film Boosts Malta Tourism

Malta’s aggressive push to bring international film production to the island nation is paying off by attracting tourists there as well.